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Why a Laser For Tongue Tie Surgery in Babies?

DR DERMOT J MURNANE Specialist Oral Surgeon

Traditionally a tongue tie has been released with a quick snip of a scissors. The tissue is very thin and doesn’t bleed more than a couple of drops so this is a realistic, convenient and quick method to release a tongue tie in a baby and in the right hands a scissors is very successful.

Lip ties on the other hand are thick and fleshy. If cut they will bleed and require suturing (stitches), this requires a baby to stay still and this can only be achieved with a general anaesthetic.

Dr Murnane uses a laser, which allows for releasing tongue ties and lip ties in babies without bleeding. Therefore stitches are not needed and therefore a general anaesthetic for your baby  is not required. A small amount of local anaesthetic in the lip and while the baby must be held still the procedure is painfree.

Also when a laser is used to release a tongue tie it allows for a more considered approach to tongue tie release, not just a quick snip of a scissors and a hope the job is done. A laser allows your babies lip and tongue ties to be released at the same time and if you lift up the upper lip of any baby with a tongue tie. Dr Murnane is the most experienced surgeon in laser release of lip and tongue ties in Ireland and will give your baby the best chance of a comfortable breast feeding experience.

You will almost always see a lip tie in a baby who has a tongue tie, however they are normally not looked for or ignored.

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