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Adult Tongue Ties and Upper Lip Ties

Adult Tongue Tie Release Procedure

Adult Tongue Tie and Lip Tie


Dr Murnane provides a Tongue Tie and a Lip Tie release service.  If you want more information or an appointment you can phone Dr Murnane’s secretary directly on 086 1449583.  If you have any specific questions  you can also use the booking form and Dr Murnane will contact you.

Adult Tongue Tie is a relatively common complaint and Dr Murnane has been releasing adult tongue ties for nearly 20 years, and with a laser since 2006.  Tongue Tie –More info


  • Children are teased because they cannot stick your tongue out or you have a forked tongue.
  • Your speech may be affected, especially with sounds such as TH, D, L  and T which require elevation of the tongue to touch the palate.
  • Tongue tie can affect your ability to kiss.
  • Social activities such as licking an ice cream or sticking your tongue out in jest are difficult.
  • Often you may skip or trip over sounds when you speak quickly, when excited or after drinking alcohol, giving the impression that your drunk.
  • A Tongue tie may affect the development of the mouth, causing a narrowing of the hard palate.
  • A tongue tie may inhibit normal swallowing.  Mouth and face development
  • A tongue tie may cause  your  teeth to be pushed forward forward due to repeated efforts to thrust the tongue forward while swallowing.   Tongue Thrust Video
  • Tongue tie may prevent you from tooth brushing when the tongue is attached to close to the gum edge.
  • Movement of your tongue is restricted and it becomes difficult to dislodge food from areas in your mouth.
  • Migrane
  • Neck and Shoulder pain
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Some people just want to be able to stick their tongue out ! !


Adult Upper Lip Tie

Lip ties usually affect the upper front teeth but the lower front teeth are occasionally affected. Ties affecting the side teeth while possible are rare.

  • Upper Lip ties may result in a gap between the front teeth when the lip tie inserts between the front teeth it will prevent the teeth coming together.
  • An upper Lip Ties may make brushing your teeth difficult and trap food around your teeth.
  • A Lip ties can pull the gum off the front teeth putting the health of the front teeth at risk. If a lip tie is severe it is best released as early as possible as damage caused may not be repairable.





Adult Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Release

The procedure is painless. We will give you a painkiller before treatment so  you will be comfortable later in the day when you have returned home.

Dr Murnane will inject a small amount of anaesthetic into the area.  The tongue or lip is pulled back to expose the tie and Dr Murnane uses a laser releases the restriction.

You will hear a beeping sound and there is a smell. The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

A small amount of pain is to be expected in the following days. The wound will turn yellow/ green over several days, this is healing tissue and the wound will have healed in about 14 days.

A painkiller may be needed for several days, you must bathe the area in warm salty water and or Corsodyl mouth wash several times a day for about 2 weeks to keep the wound clean.

You should also exercise your tongue regularly by sticking your tongue out, up, down, left and right as far as the tongue will go for several minutes several times a day for up to 2 weeks. This will help healing, prevent adhesions and increase tongue movement.

Post Release Exercises

Your tongue is in fact a group of muscles and muscles have memory. Muscles will do what they have always done. After an adult has a tongue tie release it is very important that you exercise the tongue on a regular basis to teach your tongue its full range of movements. Exercises will also prevent post surgical scar tissue forming.

  • Stick your tongue straight out.
  • And up to touch your nose.
  • Then right then left as far as it will go.
  • Finally out and down as far as it will go.
  • Curl your tongue back on itself and touch the roof of your mouth and your own soft palate if possible. This exercise can be done with your mouth closed which makes it possible to do in company and very frequently.

Hold the tongue in these positions for 10 seconds. Do each of these exercises 3 times and at least 3 times a day for 3 weeks. But the longer you perform the exercises for the better and several months of regular exercises are recommended.

If you are hoping to correct a speech issue. Then the simplest exercise is to say the particular words you are having trouble with slowly and deliberately until you can form the correct sounds and the word word formation becomes automatic. If you have more severe problems the help of a Speech and Language Therapist must be sought.

Myofunctional Facial therapy is a form of specialised physiotherapy for facial muscles ot improve function and appearance of the face

Adult Upper Lip Ties

For lip ties simply bring your lips together and blow into your lips keeping a lip seal. This will expand and stretch your lips, aiding healing and preventing adhesions.

A diamond shaped ulcer will develop under the tongue and or lip and this will heal within 2 weeks.


Tongue Tie , Migraine, Neck and Shoulder Pain

The theory connecting Tongue tie to Migraine and Neck/Shoulder pain is that the tongue is attached to a floating bone in the neck called the Hyoid bone. The Hyoid bone is not attached to any other bone of the skeleton, but floats in the neck acting as a point of insertion for many muscles. If the Hyoid bone attachment to the tongue is too short, then the Hyoid bone is pulled up and every other muscle attached to it is also pulled out of place. The distortion eventually pulls on C1 and C2 in the neck which eventually pulls on the meninges in the brain.

Releasing a tongue tie will allow all the muscles in the neck/ shoulder area to relax and thereby easing  neck/ shoulder pain and it will ease or eradicate migraine.   This is a theory which has little support in mainstream medical practice and has little peer reviewed literature to support it.  Information relating tongue tie to body function


You should proceed with caution if you expect the release of an adult tongue tie to alleviate these symptoms. However there are many individual stories and case reports which may suggest a link between adult tongue tie and facial pain, neck pain and migraine.

Hyoid Bone

The muscles attached to the Hyoid bone are involved in  breathing, swallowing and speech. The Hyoid bone is also thought to play a  role in keeping the upper airway open during sleep and may have a role obstructive sleep apnea.