Dr. Dermot Murnane Clinics:   Nenagh: Mondays, Tullamore: Wednesdays 086 144 9583

About Dr Dermot Murnane

DR DERMOT J MURNANE Specialist Oral Surgeon

Dr Dermot Murnane is an Specialist Oral Surgeon who has more experience in the use of a laser for releasing tongue ties than any other Dr. in Ireland. He is registered with the Irish Dental Council. Oral Surgery is a speciality of dentistry concerned with surgery within the mouth.

Dr Murnane releases Tongue and Lip ties in infants, children and adults.

Dr. Dermot J. Murnane
Specialist Oral Surgeon
B.A., B. Dent. Sc., M. Dent. Ch., D.U.
F.D.S., F.F.D.,(O.S.) R.C.S.I.

Dr Murnane has

  • Dental Degree from Dublin Dental Hospital, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Masters Degree in Oral Surgery from Dublin Dental Hospital, Trinity College Dublin.
  • Fellowship in Oral Surgery from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Dentistry of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
  • Dr Murnane is a founder member of The Irish Association of Oral Surgery (IAOS).
  • Member of the British Association of Oral Surgeons (BAOS).
  • Member of the Irish Dental Association (IDA).

Member of the International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).

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Dr Dermot Murnane qualified as a dentist in 1992 and started working in Oral and Facial Surgery in 1995 in the UK.

Dr Murnane returned to Ireland in 2001 and completed a masters in Oral Surgery in 2004.

Dr Murnane started using lasers for surgery in 2007. Lip and Tongue tie release is a basic Oral Surgery procedure commonly carried out on children and teenagers by all Oral Surgeons. In fact Oral Surgeons are probably the most qualified individuals to carry out such a procedure. Dr Murnane has spent time in Kings Hospital Tongue Tie clinic learning tongue tie release with a scissors, however the scissors technique is very limited. Use of a laser allows for a more complete cut and the ability to guarantee the tie is cut completely.

Dr Murnane works for the HSE in Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore and Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan, providing Specialist Oral Surgical services and a Special Needs Sedation service in the midlands.

Dr Murnane releases lip and tongue ties in a private clinic in Tullamore every wednesday.

Dr Murnane is registered with VHI as having a special interest in Tongue and Lip tie release in infants as a means to improve breast feeding and is registered with VHI, LAYA, GLO, St Pauls and ESB medical provident for direct payment.

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Dermot lives in Nenagh, is married to Elaine and they have 3 children, Aoibhe, Dillon and Dan.